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Channel K-Ville Entertainment
Duration 31:43
Upload at 03 January 2017
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2016 has been one of the all time greatest years in the history of K-Pop. These are the Ultimate Top 100 K-Pop Songs for 2016! Please read this description if you want to know how these songs were ranked. 1. Each and every week, K-Ville Entertainment releases a Top 50 K-Pop Song Chart, where you the fans get to vote for your Favourite K-Pop Songs. 2. If a song reaches the #1 position on the chart, they get 50 points. If a song reaches the #50 position on the chart, then they get 1 point. That is how this point system works. 3. We then add up all the points that the song had received each week on the chart until they fall off. They will end up with an "Overall score." The highest score a song can get is 550 points. This is because we only count the 11 best weeks the song had on the chart (we do not count the worst week they had). 4. Please remember that some months in the year had many K-Pop comebacks (such as EXO vs BTS), whilst others didn't have much competition. That is why some of the more famous songs may not be in the positions you'd expect them to be. 5. Some songs are still earning points on the chart (such as Fxxk It by BigBang, Decalcomanie by Mamamoo, or I'll Be Your Man by BTOB). They have not yet earned enough points to make it into the Top 100, as they were released too late in 2016 to gather enough points. 6. This chart is intended to be a fun way for fandoms to feel happy about achieving good results for their favourite groups. I really hope you enjoy this chart! ★ Join K-Ville's Forum ► ★ Please support us on Patreon ► ★ Facebook ► ★ Twitter ► ★ VK ► ★ Pinterest ► ★ Tumblr ► ★ Google Plus ► ★ Website ►



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